Omega 4000 Juicer Review: A New Pulp Ejector Style 2021

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The Omega 4000 Juicer is a compact but heavy-duty appliance that will take your juicing experience to a whole new level. The juicer arrives with versatile features and optimization to produce juice easily and quickly from fruits and vegetables.

If you are thinking about purchasing a juicer to make the preparation easier, you should consider purchasing the Omega 4000 Juicer. Check out the Omega 4000 Juicer review to acknowledge whether or not it will be a suitable choice for you.

Omega J4000 High Speed Pulp Ejection Juicer

Omega 4000 Juicer Review
Omega 4000 Juicer Review

The Omega 4000 Juicer arrives with an impressive visual appearance. Will it impress you with the performance? Check out the below passage about the product to acknowledge the juicer broadly.

Powerful Motor:

The Omega 4000 Juicer features a 250 watts motor with 1/3 horsepower. It can produce around 5200 rpm speed to make your juice within the shortest time. The appliance also features a well-designed sharp blade with pulverizing action. You should be able to prepare the juice from anything within a few minutes with the device.

As a pulp ejection juicer, it will separately store the pulp in a different container. That means you will get an impressive thickness of the juice. As per the manufacturer, the appliance can make your juice ready at half of the time compared with most standard juicers.

High-Capacity Design:

Though the machine is compact, it has an extensive feed chute, letting you add several ingredients at a time. The combination of the exterior and the higher speed helps you produce large batches within a short time. Whether you want to feed the family or create juice for a party, it can be suitable for any situation.

The pulp container is also pretty big, offering you continuous juicing without any need of emptying.

Easy to Use:

What impresses us most about the juicer is its user-friendly design. Starting from the assembly to juicing and cleaning, you can do everything straightforwardly. It features cantilever latch arms for easier assembly and disassembly. The operation of the juicer is also pretty simple. All you need to do is to turn on the machine and pour the foods, that’s it. Your juice will be ready instantly.

The pulps produced from the juice are ejected in a bin attached to the back of the juicer. You can easily detach the container when the pulp is full. As the pulps come out separately, cleaning is also the device is also easier. After using, simply scrub the basket and rinse other parts; that’s it; the cleaning is done.

Durable Construction:

One of the remarkable things about the Omega 4000 Juicer is its excellent quality construction. The exterior of the device consists of stainless steel and quality plastic. Besides, the interior blade and basket are made of surgical stainless steel, which makes the unit durable and rugged.

The Omega Juicer also includes a dozen of evenly distributed rubber feet. The feet make the appliance stable while blending and prevent movement due to the vibration. As the machine arrives with an extensive 15 years warranty, you can expect a satisfactory performance for decades.

Omega J4000 Specifications:




16.5 x 13.8 x 11.2 inches



Blade Material:

Surgical Stainless steel and Plastic

Machine Weight:

11.5 pound


250 watts


350 RPM


15 years

What We Loved?
  • Strong and commercial-grade 1/3 horsepower motor for quick juicing.
  • Automatic pulp ejection for preparing smooth consistency.
  • Removable pulp container and other components for easier cleaning.
  • High-quality surgical stainless-steel construction for durability.
  • Extensive 15 years warranty coverage for tension-free use.
What Could Be Better?
  • It produces wet pulps, cannot extract 100% juice from some ingredients.
  • May clog sometimes while blending.

How Do I Set Up My Omega Juicer?

It is pretty easy to set up Omega Juicer. However, the procedure will vary depending on the model. Check out the below guide to know how to assemble the Omega 4000 Juicer:


  • Place the bowl on the motor base. After placing the bowl, the two raised projections should in the middle facing you.
  • Now position the strainer basket inside the bowl. Make sure that it is securely set on the hex nut in the center.
  • Now position the cutter blade inside the strainer basket. The teethes should be up after doing so, and it should cover the hex nut.
  • Now tighten the clutch nut finger carefully. You mustn’t overtighten it. Now position the cover on the bowl. The ejection chute opening should be in the rear after doing so.
  • Now secure the latch arms by placing the tabs. Then put the receptacle under the ejection chute.

That is how you assemble the Omega 4000 juicer. You can also follow the instruction manual of the juicer for assembling.

How Do I Use My Omega Juicer?

Employing the Omega juicer is also pretty easy. Here is how you can use the Omega 4000 for producing juice from fruit/vegetables:

  • Cut the fruits or vegetables in a suitable shape to easily feed them through the machine.
  • Now put the device on a flat surface and connect it to an electric outlet. Remove the lid and pour the foods one by one. Press the juicer button to produce the juice.
  • Make sure to put a container or jug under the machine to store the juice. If requires, detach the pulp container and empty it. Put it in its place for juicing again.
  • When you are done, stop the machine. Make sure to disassemble and clean the components before storing them.

How Do You Clean an Omega Juicer?

One of the most impressive things about the Omega juicer is they are pretty easy to clean. Basically, the machine doesn’t require much cleaning as it stores the remaining of the ingredient in a different container. Simply empty the pulp fiction after preparing the juices. You can scrub clean the pulp container to clear it.

How Do You Clean an Omega Juicer

The other components of the Omega Juicer don’t require scrubbing. Simply rinse them in water and leave them for drying. Once in a while, you may clean the components and container with soap water to preserve the beautiful appearance. You may also sweep the exterior using a damp cloth to keep it clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions may hit your mind while purchasing a juicer. Below, we will answer some of such queries:

Where are Omega juicers manufactured?

All Omega Juicers are made in and manufactured from South Korea. However, some models, including the 8007, 8008, and 02 are made in China. South Korea is well-known for producing high-quality kitchen appliances.

Are Omega juicers cold pressed?

The cold presser juicer is known for preserving the nutrition of the juice. A few of the models from Omega Juicer are cold-pressed, including the Omega Cold Press 365. However, the models like Omega 4000, 8000, 8008, etc., are not cold-pressed.

Is the Omega juicer a masticating juicer?

The Omega 4000 is not a masticating juicer. It is a centrifugal juicer. If you want to purchase a masticating juicer from Omega, you may consider the Omega J8006HDS Quiet Operation Juicer.

Final Words

After reading the Omega 4000 Juicer Review, now you should know every aspect of the product. If you want to purchase a heavy-duty compact juicer for home use, the Omega 4000 Juicer will be worth your bet. With the durable construction and extensive warranty coverage, the juicer can ensure satisfactory long-term performance.

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