Kuvings B6000w Reviews – The Ultimate Slow Juicer in 2021!

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Kuvings is a well-known and reliable brand in the juicer industry. The Kuvings B6000w Juicer is one of the most successful products from the brand. It is a masticating juicer that arrives with excellent arrays of features to produce incredibly tasty and nutrient juice every time. The slow juicer extracts juice from any ingredients while preserving the nutrition. It is also easy to maintain, runs quietly, and equips durable build to benefit you for many years.

As you see in the Kuvings B6000w reviews, the juicer is designed to offer you an outstanding performance. But is it adequate for your preferences? In this guide, we will breakdown the features, performance, and suitability of the masticating juicer from Kuvings. So, keep going through the article to know how well the juicer can fit your expectation.

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Kuvings B6000w Reviews: Features and Specs.

There is no alternative to a slow masticating juicer if you prefer fresh juice filled with vitamins and fibers. The Kuvings B6000w Juicer is one of the best masticating juicers available currently. Check out broad details of the device from below.


Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer White B6000W with Sorbet Maker

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer White B6000W with Sorbet MakerBeing a successful product in the oversaturated juicer appliance industry is not an easy journey.  The Kuvings B6000w Juicer outperformed hundreds of available models in the market with its incredible performance. In fact, it got 60% more sales in the last year. This has been possible because of the well-thought design, top-notch features, and user-friendly operation.

The juicer arrives with a wide feeding chute that enables you to feed whole fruit or vegetables throughout the juicer. It uses 240 watts motor, which is crafted to prepare the juices with minimal friction to minimize oxidation. Moreover, it has unique patented technology to preserve healthy nutrition and vitamins with the liquid. With all these fantastic qualities, the Kuvings B6000w blender can be an excellent pick for anyone.

Kuvings Specifications:

  • Dimension: 9 x 8.2 x 17.6 inches
  • Weight: 14.1 Pounds
  • Operation: Slow Masticating
  • Watts: 240 watts
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Material: Ultem Tritan ABS

Kuvings Features:

Intuitive Design:

The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer comes with an intuitive design to provide you a satisfactory performance. It equips a wide 3-inch feeding chute, allowing you to feed large vegetables and fruits without cutting. There is also a drip-free smart cap for easy presentation of the juice. The beautiful and compact design of the juicer makes it a perfect pick for any modern kitchen.

Preserve Juice Quality:

The juicer arrives with a powerful 240W AC brushless motor with low-speed masticating technology. That ensures slow crushes and squeezes of the ingredients at 60 RPM. The juicer ensures the quality of the juice by preserving enzymes and vitamins while delaying oxidation. Besides, it is designed to bring out every drop of juice from the ingredients. It can be a perfect juicer for ginger, celery, and other fibrous veggies.

Quiet and Safe Operation:

Though the Kuvings B6000w equips a powerful motor, it operates at minimal friction and noise. The device’s noise is around 40 to 50 dB, lower than a PC or refrigerator. That means there are no chances of waking up the sleeping family members while preferring a refreshing morning juice. There are also several safety systems with 3-way ventilation to prevent accidents.

Eco-friendly Materials:

The screws, strainer, and some other parts of the device are made of high-quality ULTEM materials. The advanced material is eco-friendly, elegant, and glossy. Besides, the cup, juice bowl, pulp cap, etc., are made of certified food-grade and safe Eastman Tritan materials. Apart from being safe, the materials are also durable enough to ensure long-lasting performance.

Easy to Operate:

The compact Kuvings B6000W arrives with a well-organized user manual that describes the assembly and using process nicely. You can put together the device within a few minutes. Moreover, the juicer is works based on a single button You can turn on/off, forward, or reverse the operation using the button.

Easy to Clean:

Cleaning the whole juicer is also very easy. You can detach the bowl from the base for easy cleaning. The device arrives with a set of cleaning tools, making the cleaning relaxed and quick. The set includes the cleaner kit to clean the strainer efficiently. Moreover, it contains different types of brushes to clean the various parts of the juicer efficiently.

Additional Attachments:

Apart from the cleaning kits, the juicer also brings you additional sorbet maker attachments. There is a specially designed blank strainer that enables you to prepare the sorbet with the device. You can easily make delicious frozen desserts from your favorite fruits and vegetables.

What we liked
  • Versatile whole juicer to extract juice from a variety of ingredients.
  • Keep the juice healthy by preserving the enzymes and vitamins.
  • Wide feed chute design to feed ingredients without cutting.
  • Easy to clean with the included Kuvings cleaning kits and brushes.
  • BPA-Free plastic and material to ensure safety.
  • Overload switch to protect against overloading and heating.
  • Well-engineered motor for quiet operation and minimal friction.
What could be better
  • You may encounter jams while juicing hard ingredients

What Can Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Do?

The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer is designed to prepare the juice from various fruits, vegetables, and ingredients. It comes with a powerful motor, enabling you to make juices from any hard ingredients, including leafy greens, tofu, ginger, soy, carrots, apple, etc. The intuitive and well-engineered technologies ensure higher juicing efficiency.

What Can Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Do

You can also use the Kuvings Juicer to make delicious sorbet with the included sorbet maker attachment. The included blank strainer enables you to make frozen desserts from any fruits or vegetables.

How to Use This?

The Kuvings Masticating Juicer comes with a well-explained user manual describing the using procedure in step by step guide. Here is the breakdown of the operational guide from the user manual:

How to Use This?

  • Prepare the ingredients and then connect the plug two an electric outlet.
  • Make sure that you are not touching the cable with wet hands.
  • Turn on the machine by pressing forward and add the ingredients through the chute.
  • Use the forward button to pulls down and masticate the ingredient slowly.
  • Then use the reverse button to bring back the remaining for dislodging them.
  • Keep the smart cap open while juicing ingredients that produce excessive foam.
  • Press the off button when the juice and pulps are completely extracted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions about the Kuvings B6000w juicer:

Which of these Kuvings juicer models would you recommend?

We will recommend you the Kuvings Whole Juicer B600W as it arrives with excellent arrays of features. It is also one of the best-selling and well praised slow juicers in the market.

Can this be used for wheatgrass?

The Kuvings Juicer can extract juices from wheatgrass. Make sure to roll the wheatgrass into small balls to extracts most of the juice. You can also check tutorials on youtube to do it effectively.

How long can I save the juice?

It depends on what ingredients you are juicing. If you are juicing apples, you can preserve them for months without any issues. You can keep the mixed vegetable and fruit juice for several days in the freezer.

Is the motor brushless?

Yes, the juicer equips a powerful brushless motor. The motor is crafted to ensure lower friction and operates quietly for a comfortable using experience. It is one of the best amongst the competitors.

What is the Warranty of the Kuvings juicer?

The Kuvings B600W Slow juicer arrives with a limited ten years warranty. However, the warranty is only valid in the USA. The warranty period may vary in other countries.


The Kuvings b6000w is one of the most reliable masticating juicers in the market. It is carefully designed to ensure the quality of juice. The powerful motor and technologies used in the device make it a versatile juicer to work with almost all variety of ingredients. If you are searching for a premium-grade slow juicer, then search no further and go for the Kuvings b6000w.

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