How To Use Breville Juicer? A Complete Guideline 2021

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You may not know this, but Breville is among the leading brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. This goes the same with its Breville juicer, which performs excellently in juice making. It is an important juicer that should be part of your kitchen.

A Breville juicer can help you improve your health once you understand how to use it. Can you learn how to use Breville juicer? Absolutely! There are several ways you can learn how to use this machine to produce juice with high nutritional content. This is a simple juicer to operate. You will be surprised by its ease of use.

How to Use Breville Juicer? (Step by Step Guide)

Are you ready to know how to use Breville juicer? Well, here is your chance because we are going to outline the steps for using this incredible machine. If you’re not accustomed to juicing, worry not. Because this guide will help you understand the fundamental processes of juicing, especially using a Breville juicer.

How to Use Breville Juicer

Step 1: Before starting the juicing process, it is critical to ensure that every part is connected correctly. That will prevent any uncalled-for accidents. Once you are sure that your juicer is assembled properly, it is time to start juicing.

Step 2: Switch on your juicer to have your motor running.

Step 3: Now, start placing fruits into the tube one after the other. You can chop the fruits a bit if they are large before putting them into the tube. You can also throw in some vegetables according to the kind of juice you want to make.

Step 4: To ensure that the process continues without any hitches. Get the pusher and use it to push the fruits gently right into the centrifugal blades. Pushing the fruits and vegetables down will ensure that you get the maximum quantity of juice.

Step 5: Using the correct speed, continue juicing all the fruits until you are done. You should note that the Breville Juicer separates the pulp from the juicer automatically. It places the pulp into the adjacent grey bin while the juice is directed to the availed jug.

Step 6: Once your juice is separated from the pulp completely, the juicing process is done. At this point, you should switch off your juicer.

Step 7: Pour your juice into a glass and enjoy it while it’s still fresh so that it does not lose its nutrition value.

Just like using a juicer for tomatoes, there are essential things to bear in mind when using a Breville juicer. They include;

  • If you are juicing tough fruits, prepare them first. Inasmuch as Breville juicers are renowned for juicing tough fruits, it would be wise if you chopped them a bit. Doing that will also preserve the life of the juicer. If your choice of fruits comes with hard skin, peel them first then put them into the juicer.
  • Don’t place fruits in the juicer machine with seeds. Remove them first. This goes the same for vegetables; if they have any stems, cut them off. Some seeds can damage your machine while others make your juice have a bitter taste.
  • If you are blending leafy vegetables like spinach, ensure you clean them thoroughly. After cleaning, make a bundled wrap of your leafy veggies and trim them before placing them into your machine.
  • It is crucial to watch the speed of the Breville juice once you start the juicing process. If you are combining many fruits and vegetables, it would be best if you applied a high speed. That will work excellently in crushing all the ingredients to achieve the texture and consistency you require. However, if you are juicing soft fruits, do it at a low speed. You can turn up the speed anytime you want according to the texture you want to finally have.
  • Let your juicer machine gain speed before you begin using it more so if you are adding more fruits or veggies. That will ensure that less strain is placed on the blades and motor once you start juicing.
  • The moment you start pushing veggies and fruits down the juicer, do it gently. Exerting too much pressure is not advisable, for you may end up damaging the blender entirely.

How Long Can You Store Juice From a Breville Juicer?

Juice from a Breville juicer can be stored for a maximum of 24 hours. The process involved when juicing using this blender shortens its life because it is quite involved. However, if a slow process is used to extract juice, the freshness of the juice can be maintained for about 72 hours.

How Long Can You Store Juice From a Breville Juicer

Frequently Asked Questions

While you’re reading this Breville juicer article, there are some common questions about this juicer machine that might arise in your mind. Below this segment, We’ve included some questions and their answers that people frequently asked about this juicer machine.

Can you put ice in a Breville juicer?

Yes, you can add some ice to a Breville juicer. But that should be done with caution if you don’t want your blades to end up blunt.

Can you juice ginger in a Breville juicer?

Absolutely! Ginger is not that tough, meaning this machine can crush it with ease extracting all the juice.

Can I put my Breville juicer in the dishwasher?

Breville juicer is dishwasher safe making the cleaning process less tedious and fast.

Wrapping It Up

Have you known how to use Breville juicer? I believe you have by now after detailing how to use it from the guide. The best part about this juicer is it’s not technical to use. All you have to do is understand the basic steps of operating it, and you are good to go.

A Breville juicer is an essential kitchen appliance for with it, you get to maximize your juice recipes. You will enjoy juice filled with nutrients the moment you start using this juicing machine. Count on the Breville juicer for the best quality juice any time of day or night.

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