How to Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades? (Step by Step Guide)

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The ninja company is trustworthy for the kitchen appliances. They have made their name in this field as the juicing blenders are one of them. Their blenders have daily use in making juices, shakes, making soups, coffee, and other healthy products. These all can be done in no time by their powerful blades.

But by excessive use of these blenders, their blades can be affected very badly. You have to keep these blades very fresh to get thick juice. Many people do not know that it is essential to keep clean and sharp ninja blades. Have you enough knowledge about how to sharpen ninja blender blades? If you do not know about this, then it is an excellent opportunity to learn this process.

How to Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades? (Step by Step Guide)

If you feel any hesitation in sharpening the blades, now you do not need to bother yourself. The following are the primary procedures to get enough sharpened blades. For this important task, the question comes to light, how to sharpen ninja blender blades?

How to Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades? (Step by Step Guide)

There are four main blades in a ninja blender. These blades are set in a blender so that two blades are pointed upward and two blades pointed in a downward direction. The ninja blades have a very easy method to keep them clean and clear. Everything made of metal is easy to clean if you know the proper method and right tools to follow.

Step 1: Disconnect the Blender from the Power Source

For cleaning the juicer or sharpening the ninja blades, you have to detach the blender from the primary power source. This step is so important to do because you have to prioritize your safety first.

If you do not detach the blender from the power source and start to clean the blender, it will be hazardous to you and your health. As a result, it can give you severe electric shocks and can give you serious injuries. This process is the necessary and first step to cleaning all the electrical equipment.

Step 2: Detach the Jug

The next most crucial step is to disconnect the jug from the blender. You have to detach the blender jug aside and split the base from the glass jug.

After removing the jug from the base then you can easily make the base clean. There are two crucial tools to do the cleaning: the brush and the other is the towel. It is not necessary to clean the blades first; you can do this process after you finish sharpening the blades.

Step 3: Separate the Ninja Blades

After doing the previous steps very well, in this third step, you have to separate the blades from the base of the blender. It will become a challenging task for you if you sharpen the edges with the blades connected to the juicer.

Separate the Ninja Blades

That’s why you have to separate the blades from sharpening them, as you will not find any obstacle to point them.  As if you see clearly towards the base of a blender. You will notice that the blades have a connection to the bottom of the ninja blender.

For removing the blades, first, you grip the base of the blender with your left hand. Then rotate the blades counterclockwise.

Step 4: Make Ninja Blades Sharpen

The primary purpose of doing all those above steps is to sharp your ninja blender blades well. Your primary goal must be sharpening the ninja blender blades. You have to sharpen every blade one after the other edge.

The process of sharpening the blade is so easy. You have to grip the ninja blade in your left hand and firmly grip the sharp rod in your right hand. Then flow the tapered rod over the blade at full speed. The faster you run the rod over the blade, the sharper the blade will become.

After doing all these steps, put fingers on your sharpened blade to check its sharpness. As you sharpen your first blade, you have to follow the same steps to sharp your other three blades. It would be best if you had to keep yourself physically safe from the edgy blades while doing this step.

Step 5: Examine the Sharpness of the Blades

If you succeeded in following all the steps mentioned above, consider that yours is almost done. Now you have to check whether the blades are sharpened or not. To ensure these steps are done well, you have to install the parts of the blender accordingly.

Then plug the blender with the power source. After putting the main ingredients for juice, now start the blender. If these blades cut enough fruits or vegetables, you must know that you sharpen the edges very well.

How Do I Clean My Ninja Blender Blades?

If you want to clean your ninja blender blades, then follow all the above steps as mentioned. To do this process, you have to detach the edges one by one from the blender’s base. You must keep these things in your presence before cleaning the blades.

How Do I Clean My Ninja Blender Blades

  • Brush or towel
  • Water mixed with soap

You have to take a brush or towel with enough moisture in it and then sink the meeting in the water. Then after dipping the brush into the water, start to brush on the ninja blades. Begin rubbing the brush on the ninja blade, then you will notice that the blade becomes clean. Then repeat this procedure for the other ninja blades as well.

If this process does not seem to work correctly, you have to make a special kind of tablet into the water, and then you must dip the blades for half an hour. This process will clean your blades.


Finally, after so much explanation, would you know how to sharpen ninja blender blades? Some people do not know these easy steps; instead of cleaning and sharpening the blades, they buy a new blender from the market. Here I am giving you some other useful tips to follow.

There is not any need to clean your blades more than regularly. If you begin to sharpen your blades, then these blades will start to rust. If you keep in mind these steps, I am sure you do this work very well.

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