How to Make Pomegranate Juice Without Juicer?

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Peeling pomegranate is a bizarre task to a lot of people. Also, if it is said to juice it without a juicer, then it would be the most dreadful activity. Is it even possible? If yes, then how to make pomegranate juice without juicer? First of all, you need your old blender and a mesh strainer. Extract the seeds, blend them and then strain. That is it, your pomegranate juice is ready without a juicer.

Pomegranate has got so many nutrients that your body needs. It freshens your body up and cleans your blood up. The article presents you with the benefits of a glass of pomegranate juice. It also represents the ways that you can follow to make pomegranate juice without a juicer.

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The following part of the content will embellish your understanding that you can make pomegranate juice without a juicer.

Can You Make Juice Without a Juicer?

Yes, you can make juice without a juicer. You do not need to bring out your juicer every time to make juice for each fruit item. However, if you do not have a juicer, there is no need to worry about it. Only if you have a spatula, mesh strainer, a bowl, and a blender, you are all set.

Can You Make Juice Without a Juicer?

For making juice of a fruit, just pick up the fruit item first. Peel it and slice it into pieces. Take your blender. Put the slices into it and switch on the blender. You only need to stir it in between and mix some water. After blending, pour the whole thing down a mesh strainer. Use the spatula to stir and extract the juice out. Done, your fresh fruit juice is ready.

It is not true that you always need a juicer to juice the fruits and veggies. Following the above way you can easily juice your favorite fruit even if you do not own a juicer. You can still enjoy your summer fresh juice in the garden.

How to Make Pomegranate Juice Without a Juicer?

You need a blender, a bowl with a spatula, and a mesh strainer. Use these tools properly to juice the pomegranate. Pomegranate juice not only gives you a sweet taste but also some useful nutrients that nourish your body. There are Juicing Recipes For Eye Health and skin that help you stay fit and healthy.

How to Make Pomegranate Juice Without a Juicer?

A glass of pomegranate juice works as a home doctor. It helps your body nourish, your skin glow. Pomegranate juice is also helpful for acne problems. If you struggle with acne, then make a habit of drinking a full glass of pomegranate juice every day.

Now you do not need a juicer to make your juice. You can depend on your old blender. Blend the pomegranate seeds, strain them and your juice is ready. Just pour it down in a glass and enjoy your juice without a juicer. Here are the steps that you need to abide by when you are preparing to make your first pomegranate juice.

Step 1:

Pick up the pomegranate and peel it. After peeling the most crucial part arrives. It is extracting the seeds or arils. Gently extract the seeds from the fruit. Once you are done with extracting the seed, the main part of the blender arrives.

Step 2:

Now set up your blender. Then put all seeds into the blender. Switch the blender on. Blend for a while and stir it in between. Stir periodically and sprinkle some water. It helps the blender to blend it smoothly.

Step 3:

After blending the whole thing for a certain period, pour it down a mesh strainer. It is used to extract the juice. Take the spatula or spoon to press the mix. Gently press and extract the juice out. The spatula or spoon assist you to leave the remainder and have only the fresh juice.

Step 4:

After straining it will leave some remainder. You collect the juice in a bowl and throw the remainder away. If there is still any reminder in the bowl, gently pick it up and throw it away.

How to Make Pomegranate Juice Without a Juicer?

This is the framework that you can follow like a geometrical theorem to juice a pomegranate without a juicer. After knowing about the steps you can now say bye to your juicer and use your old blender for juicing the pomegranate.

You must not spend on a juicer now. You can still make use of your old blender to make juices. Fresh fruit and veggie juices are beneficial for your body. It works to give strength to your body and keep you fit. Not only that but also it helps your skin glow and stays healthy. Now, say goodbye to the expensive juicer and utilize the old blender.

Health Benefits of Drinking Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate is enriched with nutrients. It provides you with the nutrition fiber your body needs. It has fiber, protein, vitamin A, C, folate, potassium. It also contains -inflammatory compounds too. It often works like a medicine to cure your body.

Health Benefits of Drinking Pomegranate Juice

If you fall sick or encounter a scarcity of hemoglobin, you will be suggested to have pomegranate juice. The juice also enables your body cells to fight back prostate cancer. Pomegranate juice cleans up your blood and prevents toxic elements. It works to prevent acne from your skin. So, drink a glass of pomegranate juice every day and stay fit.


Making juice without a juicer is somewhat impossible for people. But when you hear that you can still make juice without a juicer, there is a question that pops up. The question is how to make pomegranate juice without juicer then? It is also very simple. You easily juice a pomegranate in a blender with a strainer and spatula.

The above steps serve you the detailed process that you can follow to juice a pomegranate. The article also presents the benefits of pomegranate juice. It has shown the process that you can use for any fruits or veggies. You can juice any fruit item with this process.

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