How to Juice a Lime Without a Juicer and With Juicer (Step by Step Formula)

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Don’t you love the super fresh smell of lime? Do you know how to juice a lime without a juicer and with a juicer? It is necessary to drink lime water during summer days to solve the acidity problem and improve digestion. Nothing can be more relaxing than sipping a fresh cold lime juice after passing a hectic on a scorching sunny day. 

You can still enjoy drinking lemonade without the help of a juicer because we are still using our bare hands to prepare the lime juice. But it’s mandatory to know about juicing a lime. Take a deep breath and scroll down a few minutes to find the process.

How To Juice A Lime Without A Juicer?

We’re promised to let you know about how to juice a lime without a juicer and with a juicer. Well, though most people take lemon as a typical food, this magical ingredient sometimes defines your body’s physiological responses. How much lemon you can get from a lemon depends on how you squeeze the fruit and the amount of natural hand pressure you are executing. If you have not tried to make lime juice without a juicer, keep reading it.

How to Juice a Lime without a Juicer and with Juicer

Process: Soak Lemon In Warm Water

Juicers were not invented a hundred years ago. But back then, people had still enjoyed drinking lemon juice with their bare hands. I am describing an age-old traditional method that you can follow to liquid a lime. 

Step 1: First of all, the lemon you have collected should match your room temperature. If you have already stored them in your refrigerator, it is better to keep them out of the fridge and wait for one or two hours before making the juice. 

Step 2: Now, take a large pot and put all the lime inside it. Make sure to warm the water for two or three minutes on the electric or gas stove. This method will help to make the lemons softer and better for squeezing them off. But keep in mind that warm water is perfect with the procedures and you don’t need to boil it. 

Step 3: Then, take all the lemon from the pot and keep them rolling on a hard surface. It is better not to roll them with your palms because you may have a chance to burn your hands. Keep moving the lemons for a half minute to make it softer. 

Step 4: Now, take a sharp knife and cut the lemon into pieces. Make sure to cut them from top to bottom and not width wise. If you cut the lemons in this way, you will make out most juice from the lemon without giving additional pressure. 

Step 5: When you cut them into pieces, you can use a fork to prod it to extract the juice. 

Process: Juice Without Dicing It

You can follow another technique to squeeze the most juice from the lemon without even slicing it. 

Step 1: First, you need to put a pointed object at the lemon’s bottom level. You can use chopsticks, toothpicks, or any sharp object. Make sure the pointed object doesn’t come out from the opposite side. 

Step 2: Now, keep the lime over a bowl and make out the juice by naturally pressing it using your hand. The juices will store down the bowl when you squeeze the lemon.

How To Juice a Lime With a Juicer?

You have already known how to juice a lime without a juicer, as I discussed earlier. Everyday science surprised us with its latest technology. I am mentioning below the newest method that you can use to juice a lime with a juicer. 

Before juicing a lime, an essential task is peeling off the lemon. Make sure not to overuse the lemon peels because you may ruin the whole process, and it will taste bitter instead of tasteful. Be careful while peeling the lemon’s skin, and don’t cut the white tissue layer as it is crucial. In this procedure, a knife can be a perfect tool to peel off the lemon skin. 

Step 1: You should bring the lemon into the juicer. Keep a pot under the spout so that the squeezing juice can be easily collected. Switch on the machine and thump up the punter inside the chute. 

Step 2: If you have more than one lemon, put them one by one inside the chute. 

Step 3: You will notice the juice is starting to pour off from the juicer and falling inside the container you have placed under the spout.  

Step 4: Once all the lemon juice comes out from the machine, the remaining lemon fibers will be blockaded. Then, wait for a few seconds to ultimately come out of the remaining lemon juice. It will help you ensure that nothing is stored inside the machine. 

Step 5: Now, take the dish out and pour it in a mug or pot and store it in a refrigerator. It is better not to use any steel container to keep the juice because it may make the juice bitter.

Benefits of Lime Juice

Natural foods are full of benefits, and lime juice is also not different. Lime juice can work as a health remedy for many people who have obesity and indigestion. Some benefits of lime juice are given below: 

  • Drinking lime juice regularly may promote the consumption of water. If you don’t feel like drinking water, you can add a few lime juice drops with water to enhance the flavor.  
  • One recent study found that people who drink lime juice daily have a balanced healthy diet than people who don’t drink it. 
  • Lemon includes one kind of unique acid, which aids the saliva to break down foods. Because of this, it stimulates the digestive system inside the body. 
  • Several studies discovered that lime water could directly or indirectly reduce the chance of some types of cancer like esophageal cancer. 
  • Two essential ingredients of limes include vitamin C and antioxidants, which improve skin quality. In fact, many commercial products use these ingredients in their products.  
  • Physicians recommend drinking one glass of warm lemon juice early morning on an empty stomach as it includes citric acid, which increases metabolism. 
  • Drinking lime juice regularly will boost your immune system and protect your body from fighting back against different kinds of diseases and viruses. 
  • Some research found that people who eat vitamin C early in the morning can excellently control their blood sugar level. 
  • Lemon contains anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to diminish inflammation. 
  • Another study found that lemon can prevent some specific types of kidney stones.

Frequently Asked Question

However, you’ve already gone through this article and got an idea of your question. We’re here to provide you more information regarding this query. 

Can you put limes in a juicer?

It’s obvious that you can use a juicer to put the limes. But before doing so, you can peel off the skin and put on only the white layer to avoid bitterness. 

Is lime juice as healthy as lemon juice?

Yes, lime juice is as healthy as lemon juice because it contains the same ingredients.

When should I drink lime juice?

Drinking lime juice early in the morning is the best time as your body works speedily during this time.

Final Words

Knowing how to juice a lime without a juicer and with a juicer may help you to make a glass of lime juice instantly. A good quality juicer will be a perfect solution to juice the lime because a cheap juice maker machine will not help you get the best lime juice from it. 

Hopefully, this article helps you know better about lemon things, and it can be an effective health remedy in our life. Life is short; drink healthy lime juice, and keep enjoying every moment.

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