How to Clean a Juicer? A Complete Step by Step Guideline for 2021

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A juicer is a significant investment that enables you to make juice anytime you want. With a juicer on your countertop, you will have the convenience of making your favorite juices without limitation. To ensure you make juice with excellent taste, you must clean your juicer to achieve the best results. 

It is essential to clean your juicer after every time you use it, but do you know how to clean a juicer? It is a simple task that does not require any skills, meaning you can quickly clean this appliance. Take your time and learn how to clean a juicer.

Is It Hard To Clean A Juicer?

Cleaning a juicer is not difficult at all. All you are required to do is ensure that every time you are done using your juicer, you clean it immediately. This is to ensure that the taste of your juice is not tampered with. If you don’t maintain high cleanliness standards with your juicer, you may end up having food poisoning. With a clean juicer, you will always enjoy your glass of juice. 

How To Clean A Juicer?

Note that the moment you leave your juicer unclean hours after use, the residue present in the juicer will be hard. This can make it hard to clean a juicer. This residue also leads to the buildup of bacteria, which can harm your health. To avoid all these, learn how to keep your juicer clean to keep your health in check.

How To Clean A Juicer?

We all know how beneficial a juicer is and how it helps us enjoy that favorite glass of juice that we always long for. However, learning how to clean a juicer is imperative. This is essential because if you don’t clean your juicer, it will prevent you from making a glass of juice when you want to. Cleaning your juicer ensures you have ease of use, and the process of cleaning is quite easy. Here is how to clean a juicer;

Step 1: The first step is to unplug your juicer from the electrical socket. This is to ensure that you are safe and not encounter any unpleasant shocks.

Step 2: Remove all the parts attached to your juicer. It is not advisable to clean a juicer as a whole without disassembling the parts because you will not clean it thoroughly.

Step 3: Do away with the pulp inside the container. You may have noticed that your juicer comes with a liquidizer with a bin that takes in the unwanted flesh. Get a spatula to remove all remaining pulp in the bin. Now clean it thoroughly until it is spotless, making sure that no buildup is left behind.

Step 4: Now that you have disassembled your juicer, it is time to start cleaning each part. Use mild dish soap for cleaning and rinse under running water. Make use of a brush to clean parts that are hard to reach. If some parts have residue buildup that is hard to remove, soak them in soapy water for a while. You will then clean those parts using a soft cloth or brush until they are spotless.

Step 5: Take your time to wash the mesh strainer because it tends to have clinging pulp. You may also notice that it attracts grime to it; hence you should pay particular attention when washing. Use soapy water and a soft brush to clean the mesh strainer, then rinse under running water.

Step 6: Once you are done cleaning your juicer parts, get a soft damp cloth, and wipe the juice machine. You can also use a wet sponge to clean the entire machine doing away with all dirt clinging to it.

Step 7: Your juicer is now clean; give it some time for it to dry. If you want it to dry fast, especially the juicer’s parts, use a dry hand towel to wipe. All the parts will be dry in no time.

Step 8: With all the parts of your juicer dry, you can now start reassembling the parts. Fit everything back to its original position to ensure that the juicer functions appropriately. Once you are done, you can now put it aside as you look forward to making your favorite fresh juice.

Basic Juicer Safety Tips

When using a juicer, there are safety precautions to bear in mind to keep you protected. If a juicer is mishandled, it can cause injuries. No one wants to hurt themselves when using a juicer, for you always look forward to enjoying your juice.

To ensure you are safe when using a juicer, take into consideration the following safety tips: –

  • Please read the manual that comes with a juicer for instructions on how to use it. Using a juicer before reading these instructions is not advised.
  • Never insert any foreign objects in a juicer, for this may cause malfunction. Only use items specified for that juicer to keep it working correctly.
  • When cleaning your juicer, check to ascertain that it is not plugged into an electric socket. This is to ensure that you don’t get an electrical shock when cleaning your juicer. 
  • In case your juicer breaks down, never try to repair it yourself. Instead, please take it to a professional who has skills in handling its repair.
  • When using your juicer and lodging suddenly occurs, do not try to dislodge using your bare hands. Take a spatula and dislodge to prevent you from getting bruises and cuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to clean my juicer after every use?

Absolutely yes! This ensures there is no buildup of residue that makes it hard to clean a juicer. 

What should you not put in a juicer?

A juicer cannot accommodate every kind of fruit or vegetable. Therefore, it is vital to verify the ones you can put in a juicer and avoid the rest.

Do you add water to a juicer?

Water can be added to a juicer when making your juice to get the consistency you wish for.

Final Thought

A juicer is an essential kitchen appliance that makes it possible to make juice from vegetables and fruits. However, to enjoy high-quality juice at any time, you must clean your juicer the right way. Are you sure of how to clean a juicer? If not, follow the simple steps we have outlined, and you are good to go. 

You must never leave your juicer unclean after use. That is the only way to keep your health in check. If you love your favorite juice, then learn to keep your juicer clean. The cleaning process is not difficult; try it today.

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