How Do Cold Press Juicers Work?

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Want to know how to start your own juicing business? Cold press juicer makes amazing superpower juice. It’s better to use a cold press juicer than a normal juicer. You can trust a cold press juicer indeed to maintain the quality of your juice while starting a business. The cold press juicing process doesn’t eradicate the vital nutrients and enzymes of fruits and vegetables.

It’s tasty as well as beneficial for health. In this article, I will describe how do cold press juicers work and provide you with helpful juicing tips. In a cold press juicer, the juice is extracted by applying pressure to the fruits and vegetables. By reading this article you will have a clear concept about this process.

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What Is a Cold Press Juicer Used For?

A cold press juicer is used for making juice fine. You can make amazing juices from the delicious test. Any fruit or vegetable juice can be made very easily. It extracts juice from vegetables and fruits by a hydraulic press. Cold press juicer can also juice herbs, grains, grind nuts, etc.

What Is a Cold Press Juicer Used For?

Cold press juicers with exclusive technology and features are being made by various manufacturing companies nowadays. So this machine is becoming more versatile day by day. It includes many advanced systems for higher juicer yields. Cold press juicer extracts a variety of foods without sticking in.  To get the maximum benefit from your diet, making juice by using a cold press juicer may be a great option.

How Do Cold Press Juicers Work

Before making juice, wash the fruits properly and if the fruit is too big, cut it into small pieces. Cold press juicing is a form of slow juicing in which juices are separated from the fibre of fruits. A cold press juicer mainly works with these three processes. It makes less noise than a centrifugal juicer. I will try to describe these processes below.

How Do Cold Press Juicers Work

Step 1: Grinding the Fruits and Vegetables

The cold press juicer slowly grinds the fruits and vegetables like a mortar and pestle. You have to select a higher grinding speed for hard food and a lower grinding speed for soft food. As it doesn’t include any high-speed blade and, it can’t spin and pulverize fruits and vegetables.

As a result, it may not produce any friction heat so that enzymes in fruits and vegetables remain undestroyed. ‘The living juice’ concept by Dr. Norman Walker is applied here to make juice. In this step, it produces pulp masticating the vegetables and then chewing them to produce pulp.

Step 2: Squeezing the Pulp

Then the pulp is slowly moved forward by gear and the pulps are squeezed here to make pests. These processes occur at a soft speed that intact enzymes and nutrients to make healthier juices.

Step 3: Extracting Juice

Juice extraction is the last step of cold press juice production. At the last stage, you can increase the speed at a maximum rate as it doesn’t harm the quality of the juice.

In this stage, juices are extracted from the paste. You can increase speed up to 100% to improve the final yield of extraction. Then extracted juices pass through a press bag that acts as a filter.

Health Benefits of Cold Press Juicing

There are a lot of health benefits of cold press juice. When juice is made by it, it is several times more nutritious than other processes. Some of its health advantages are described below-

Health Benefits of Cold Press Juicing

Vitamin Supplementation

Cold press juice creates drier pulp, so fewer wastes are produced. It also produces less heat so you can access the maximum amount of nutritious vitamins from vegetables and fruits. Thus, it works as a great source of vitamin supplementation.

Detox body

Drinking a glass of fresh juice will detoxify the organs of your body. It will make your body more alkaline and remove all toxins from your body. When you drink a glass of raw juice, your liver, kidney, intestine, and skin will be detoxified.

The circulation of blood in your body will be refined. If you are looking-glasses for detox juice, you may make juice with lemon, cucumber, spinach, ginger, turmeric, orange, apple, etc.

Help to Lose Weight

Cold press juicers produce fewer foams that mean less oxidation occurs.

It contains a high amount of antioxidants that will increase your metabolic rate which helps you to lose weight. Cold press juice is high in various types of vitamins, which play an important role in your metabolism.

Strengthen Immunity

Cold press juice is abundant in vitamin A, B, C, E, K, calcium, which will strengthen your immunity system. Vitamins fight against cancer, especially colon cancer and destroy the cancer cell. Vitamin B is beneficial for your eye and improves your vision. Thus, cold press juice helps to increase immunity in many ways.

Strengthen Immunity

Reducing Ageing Sign

Cold press juice is rich in antioxidants that protect our cells from being damaged. Juice keeps your skin more hydrated and lessens the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. Vitamins and minerals fight against free radicals and prevent premature ageing.  So, you should keep cold press juice in your diet to stay young.

Improve Digestives System

If you are trying to improve your digestive system, juicing has the potentiality to help you regarding this issue. When you are consuming raw juice instead of fruits and vegetables, you are giving your stomach rest from digesting the fibre and hard food material. Thus, your digestive problems can be recovered.


Cold press juicer is the easiest and fastest way to make juice. The result of a cold press juicer will please you.  You can produce perfect juice at your home easily in a short period. Cold press juicer is designed properly to make your task as efficient as possible while making juices. To get the maximum benefits, you must know how do cold press juicers work.

In cold pressing juice the nutrients, vitamins, and enzyme remain intact, so it’s health benefits. Fresh juices are a great energy booster and e key source of vitamins and minerals. So try a cold press juicer and enjoy the tastiness of your homemade juice.

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