Do You Have to Peel Ginger Before Juicing? – You Need to Know

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Many people take ginger juice for various purposes. Talking about ginger benefits will take several hours, but still, you won’t complete it. And I’m pretty sure that you never thought why people peel ginger before juicing? So, let’s make a statement on the topic- do you have to peel ginger before juicing?

As many farmers use pesticides in their crops, it is always best to avoid food that includes pesticides. So, you can’t guarantee that the ginger you purchased from the market would be pesticides free. Can you? Plus, you may doubt if your juicer can operate freely without clogging up. Let’s move forward to find the answer.

Do You Have To Peel Ginger Before Juicing?

Do you have to peel ginger before juicing? Here is the solution that we’ve tried to insert on it. Fruits like apple can easily juice with its peel without giving any second thought. However, a vegetable like ginger is a little bit intimidating. It appears nifty, a hard food, and unquestionably not a mouth-watering juice.


If your ginger is fresh and you don’t use your juicer regularly, then you can make ginger juice without peeling them. For several uses, you should peel the ginger before putting inside the juicer because it will ensure that your juicer won’t have to face extra pressure to grind them. Plus, it may damage the machine.

Fresh gingers are easy to blend even without peeling because they are not hard to blend depending on the juicer you use. The quality of the machine you use also plays a crucial role in how your juice will be made.

If you are health-conscious, I will recommend you eat one glass of fresh ginger juice every day. As you are using it daily, it is better to peel ginger before juicing your juicer in good condition.

Removing the skin won’t give you any extra benefit. Plus, it is not poisonous but completely safe to eat. However, as the vegetable grows under soil, it may come with additional dirt. So it is best to clean it properly. If it is fresh and your machine is powerful, you can juice your ginger without peeling.

How To Juice Ginger In A Juicer

It is not that hard to make ginger juice. Instead, it is simple. This healthy juice can give you dozens of health benefits. Apart from drinking it as a juice, you can use the flavor in your black tea. Making ginger juice is effortless. I am showing you a quick process that will help you make your juice with a blink of an eye.


Step 1: First of all, peel your ginger properly. It is better to collect organic ginger as they are best for health. If they are fresh, you may don’t need to peel them off. However, make sure your juicer is powerful enough to blend them properly.

Step 2: Now, put the ginger inside the juicer. Make sure your machine is entirely clean and it doesn’t contain any previous flavor. Otherwise, the original flavor can be hampered.

Step 3: Then, add one and a half cups of water inside the juicer. Close it with the top and switch on the machine. Run the machine 30-45 seconds at medium or medium-high speed.

Step 4: Strain the liquid through a netting colander or filter. Then keep the juice in a mug or glass. If you are a beginner, you can mix more water to reduce the harsh flavor. You can also fix some honey to make it sweet. But don’t mix artificial sweet. It may damage the efficiency of the ingredients. Otherwise, you can drink directly if you don’t have any problem.

That’s it; your task is already completed. Now enjoy drinking fresh juice.

Which Type Of Juicer Is Better For Ginger?

Which Type Of Juicer Is Better For Ginger

Slow masticating juicers are the best for ginger as it can efficiently squeeze out all the liquid from the vegetable without peeling. But this type of juicer has mesh blades that spin speedily. Plus, it includes a tiny aperture that may get jammed while spinning.

If you want to use centrifugal juicers for ginger juice, it is better to chop the unpeeled ginger into slices so that it doesn’t clog up while working smoothly.

You will find a high-quality juicer for carrots and ginger-like breville bje430sil juicer fountain in the market. Some juicers show more reliable performance and better results as their prices are slightly higher than ordinary juicers. It is better to invest some money to get the best results. However, you will get some mid-range juicers, which is enough to juice the ginger. If you are stuck in the budget, you can purchase a hamilton beach (67601a).

Frequently Asked Questions

So, we’re heading towards the bottom line gradually. But we’ve already provided the solution to your query. And hopefully, you’ve got a clear idea of it. Now, look at the following section to have more knowledge of that.

Should Ginger Be Refrigerated?

A refrigerator can be used to store the un-peeled ginger. And you know, it’s the best practice to keep safe. However, you can also keep them by slicing them off. But it won’t be as fresh as unpeeled ginger.

Is Ginger Juice Good For Hair Growth?

Several studies found that ginger juice can boost hair growth and prevent hair fall problems. Moreover, some ingredients like minerals and essential oils work as a remedy to keep hair and scalp healthy and clean.

How Long Is Ginger Juice Good For?

Fresh ginger juice can be good for a maximum of five days. However, it is best to drink them as early as possible because natural foods have shorter lives than processed foods.

Final Words

Ginger juice is a healthy liquid that you can enjoy as a smoothie or mix with a cup of tea early in the morning.  I know peeling ginger takes a little effort. But it’s worth your effort. Moreover, you can keep the skin if you want as it won’t damage the nutrients.

Make yourself easy by drinking ginger juice regularly. Keep enjoying ginger juice as long as you want to keep yourself healthy. Hopefully, the question of do you have to peel ginger before juicing has already washed away. I tried to keep the article resourceful and entertaining.

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