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How Long Does Homemade Juice Last in the Fridge?

If you want to boost up your energy level immediately, you need a glass of homemade juice. Mostly, you do not use any chemical to keep it fresh for months, right? Juicing at home offers many health benefits with its absorbed immune-boosting nutrients from fruits and veggies. It provides your body digestive enzymes from the … Read more

Juicer Vs Food Processor

Juicer Vs Food Processor: Which is the Better Choice in 2021

At first, a juicer and food processor may seem similar also in functionality. These two kitchen appliances are indispensable if you are aiming at enjoying fresh juices and nutritious smoothies. There is always a similarity of juicer vs food processor that makes many people confuse the two. A juicer is excellent for juicing vegetables and … Read more

How To Clean A Juicer_ (4)

Can A Juicer Be Used As A Blender In 2021?

There is this misconception that blenders and juicers are similar, confusing many people, not knowing which one to decide on. No wonder many people ask, can a juicer be used as a blender?  Not necessarily, for they both perform different functions though they both produce nutritious drinks. Though both a juicer and blender process juice, … Read more