Can You Use a Food Processor to Juice?

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A food processor is a motorized household contraption used to make the food preparation chore commonly run by the palms. Out of various categories, there are some through which we can chop the vegetables, blend ingredients into the soup, pastes, etc., and others can mix things. But the fact that matters is, “Can you use a food processor to juice?“.

The importance of a food processor lies actually in one’s purpose. If anyone does a lot of meal preparation or chopping-averse or is afraid of using sharp tools like knives or mandolins, then a food processor might be worthwhile to buy to complete those tasks.

Can You Use a Food Processor to Juice?

Before answering the above question, I want to say that we all know that we usually use the juicer to juice anything we like. In maximum cases, anyone would like to choose juicer for tomatoes over the food processing because it’s easy to use.

Can You Use a Food Processor to Juice

I will say that a Food Processor will work as a juicer in real life. Let me explain. Compared to the juicer, I admit that the Food Processor is slightly more versatile than the juicer. Believe me, you can work and make things more perfect with a food processor if you are committed to doing it.

With a food processor, one will be able to shove/chop a potato more lightly and correctly, and you’ll feel the smoothness and will watch how fast the work is done. Things might get worse most of the time, and you’ll not be satisfied because you didn’t get the proper cut/shape that you wanted badly. But it’s not the problem with you.

It’s about the equipment that is the food processor you buy isn’t worthy enough. Before starting, you have to check the food processor correctly if there is any manufacturing defect and then pay the money.

A good food processor is a good thing which one should admire. It’s handier, easy to use, and it’s quiet, fast, and useful. It can pull the dough together in the blink of an eye, and no further kneading is necessary there.

It can turn the nuts into flours, beans to purees, and many others. In the end, money matters to us a lot. It’s a little bit pricey with its size as you know that it’s pretty much famous in the kitchen. So, for notable things, you have to cut extra from your pocket. If you want something good and more precious, that might cost you as much as five times more than the normal one. But compared to juicers, it’s almost less expensive.

What Is the Difference Between a Food Processor and a Juicer?

What Is the Difference Between a Food Processor and a Juicer?

Food processor:

  • Food processors get a wide bowl, a very-very sharp blade set bottom in the bowl, and a strong motor.
  • A very-sharp blade and a less-strong motor combination allow for motion and rotation.


  • A juicer, otherwise called a juice extractor, is a device used to extricate juice from natural products, spices, verdant greens, and different kinds of vegetables in a juicing cycle.
  • It squashes, grinds, as well as extracts the juice from the pulp.
  • A few sorts of juicers can likewise work as a food processor.
  • Most of the twin stuff and level chewing juicers have connections for pounding spices a lot, expelling pasta, noodles making infant food and nut spread, granulating espresso, making nut milk, and so forth.

Benefits of Use Food Processor and a Juicer

Food Processor:

  • It’s remedial to cleave & it’s ideal to have a little assistance. When in a rush or working with various elements for a formula, a food processor can assist with prep, massively cutting personal time.
  • From flavorful sauces, pie batters to pastries, this instrument can help make different plans utilizing a brisk and incredible edge.
  • Substantial dinners take massive things like spinach, kale, entire filets of fish, or chicken bosoms and make various plans in a single apparatus.


  • While a powerful blender can be utilized related to a fine-network sifter to juice foods grown from the ground, a committed juicer is better at undertaking, removing more supplements and making less wreck.
  • Additionally, juicers are the best approach when working with either tough things like ginger and carrots or sensitive things like verdant greens, as a blender will make some trickier memories separating these.


  • The food processor runs its engine with a sturdy start that increases the motor’s quality for blending the fruits at a glance.
  • The juicer’s motor is made to make juice and ruminate any type of hard vegetables by forcing downwards for the adjustment.


  • The stainless blade of a Food processor is sharp enough to liquefy any fruits or celery at ease.
  • As a juicer is meant for juicing, the edge is straight and thin enough compared to the Food processor.


  • You can also put together the uncooked recipe like salsa along with dry food, which makes a Food processor more functional.
  • Juicer is used for liquefying the side of the fruit along with some vegetables. The ruminating function in every juicer is hard to get.

Water Quantity:

  • As a food processor serves multi-function purposes, the thin liquid quantity from any dry or cooked recipe is not according to the expectation level.
  • The amount of juice obtained from a juicer is much more compared to a food processor. The main focus of a juicer is to extract liquid from any fruits and vegetables.

Torque of the Motor:

  • The power consumed by a sturdy Food processor is around 600 to 700 watts, which shows you an exact look at the motor’s speed concerning its torque.

Torque of the Motor

  • Talking about the centrifugal juicer, the motor’s speed is out of bound that makes the internal torque circulate faster.


  • A food processor is durable in chopping, slicing, and whipping any type of fruits and vegetables that creates a need for it in the kitchen area.
  • For getting pure and solid-liquid from fruits, the juicer machine shows excellent durability. You can gear up the amount of fruits and vegetables by using a juicer.


  • For a food processor, the food gets chopped properly within a millisecond that is not observable with our naked eyes.
  • A juicer’s motor blends the fruits in a millisecond, but it takes much time to extract the exact amount of liquid compared to a food processor for substantial items.


In the end, for both of them, juicer and the food processing got the value for money a got its way. The fact that “Can you use a food processor to juice?” is not really a big deal because both are useful in our daily life.

Juicer is best to make the juice out of the fruits and vegetables, whereas the food processor got the best shot at chopping the things. Both of them got equal attention in the kitchen while having different aspects and values. The rest depends on your choosing purpose and what you will buy.

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