Can a Juicer Make Smoothies? Healthy Smoothies With a Juicer 2021

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In various discussions, I usually hear people ask, can a juicer make smoothies? You need to understand how a juicer works because it cannot make smoothies. It separates the fiber from the fruit or vegetable, setting aside the juice.

A juicer makes juice in its best form. Because the juicer only focuses on extracting juice, you will have to discard the pulp. That is why a juicer cannot make smoothies because it is the pulp and fiber required to make a smoothie. The best way to make smoothies is by using a blender that brings out its consistency.

Can A Juicer Make Smoothies?

During the warm weather, it always helps to take a glass of smoothie. It rejuvenates your body and makes you feel refreshed instantly. Can a juicer make smoothies? You can make a smoothie with fresh juice made from your juicer. Before that, you will have prepared earlier your fresh fruits to enable you to make an excellent smoothie.

Get the required quantity of juice from your juicer that will allow you to make your smoothie. Ensure you slice and chop your fruits to the appropriate size before placing them in a juicer. Get the liquid from your juicer and pour it into the blender. That is where you will process your smoothie for a juicer that can only extract the juice and not make a smoothie.

How To Make Healthy Smoothies With A Juicer?

The smoothie’s craze is increasing by the day, and it doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon. A smoothie is a healthy drink full of nutrients that you should take often. The best part is making a smoothie at home using a juicer and other few types of equipment.

Let’s get started on making a healthy smoothie:

  • You will require fresh fruits that you should have prepared earlier before starting the actual process. Preparing your fruits ahead of time ensures that your daily fruit intake target is achieved. You should also have frozen fruits that you will use to make your smoothie.
  • Handle delicate fruits like berries carefully so that they don’t squash. Do away with all the undesired parts of fruit before blending. This will ensure that you don’t have chunks felt in your smoothie.
  • Take your large fruits like watermelon, pineapple, apples, and bananas, then dice them well.
  • Put the diced fruits in a large sealable bag, then place it in your freezer. After two to four hours, your fruits will be ready for your next step.
  • Get your juicer and make the required amount of juice.
  • The frozen fruits should be placed in your blender and blend them. Once done, pour in the juice from your juicer.
  • Ensure you get the thickness you desire by balancing the juice with the mixture in the blender.
  • You can now serve your smoothie in your favorite glass, and while you are on it, place the solid ingredients. If you had set aside some solidly frozen fruits or ice cubes, you could still add them to your smoothie.

Are Smoothies Better Than Juicing?

It can be quite challenging to choose between smoothies and juicing because they are healthy and extremely nutritious. Each of the two has its pros and cons, so it is up to you to choose the one that suits your needs.  To make it better for you to decide between the two, let’s look at each of the two extensively.


Smoothies are made from a blend of whole fruits and vegetables. Nothing goes into waste. This means all the nutrients will be preserved, making a smoothie the best drink to have. Every extra-nutritious ingredient can be used in a smoothie. This is more than a drink because it acts as a meal replacement.   Fruits that are impossible to juice can make a smoothie, such as a banana or a mango.

What makes a smoothie a food replacement is because you can add other superfoods into it. Smoothies take the lead because they aid in digestion and weight loss when it comes to the composition of fiber and nutrients. There is a health glow that comes with a smoothie making it an extremely nutritious drink. You can add a nutritional boost to your smoothie just as you like it.


Juicing is about extracting the liquid from vegetables and fruits. With juicing, the pulp is discarded, meaning it is waste. That is the downside of juicing because what is important is the liquid. What a juicer does is to separate the fiber from the liquid. Your digestive system will not strain, for it will absorb nutrients with ease from the liquid. This is not the case with taking fruits or vegetables that are whole. However, for a juicer to be more beneficial, focus on a vegetable base instead of fruits. Juicing is always a simple process that does not take time; hence when you are in a rush, juicing is the best way to go.

Important To Note About Smoothies And Juicing:

  • Smoothies and juices should be consumed right away. So, the minute they are ready, take them right away for that preserves the nutrients. Both should be taken within 15 minutes once you are done with preparation.
  • Be keen not to mix vegetables and fruits. Some do not combine well with the other, and that can give you an unpleasant mixture.
  • Smoothies and juices enhance healthy living, so whichever you choose between the two, be assured that your health is taken care of.

Final Thought

Knowing what you need between a juicer and smoothie will help you attain your health goals. This brings many people to wonder, can a juicer make smoothies? A juicer can help in extracting the juice required when making a smoothie using a blender.

A juicer is an essential kitchen appliance that assists in making a smoothie. That way, you can acquire the consistency you require to enjoy your favorite smoothie. Try one today, and you will be guaranteed a specialty that you will always crave for.

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