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Celery juice is a great way to improve digestion, relax nerves, and ensure good fitness all day. However, it is highly fibrous and stringy that makes it difficult to make juice out of it. A juicer can help you here. 

That is why it is important to find the best cold press juicer for celery. When picking up, portability and functionality are the main things you should look for. A cold pressure juicer works perfectly here and gives the maximum convenience that makes it worthy of celery juice.

Is Cold Pressed Celery Juice As Good As Fresh?

Anything pasteurized cannot be the same as its original.  However, the cold press machine crushed the celery slowly, producing less heat to keep the nutrients as much as possible. Besides, it removes the fiber and pulp from the juice and gives you smooth juice with less oxidation. That means the cold-pressed celery juice is almost as good as fresh. But you need to drink it right after the making since it loses freshness with time.

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Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor

Sagnart Portable Slow Juicers Machine

Bonsenkitchen Cold Press Juicer

Best Cold Press Juicer For Celery Medium Reviews 2021

Due to the increasing number of juicers in the market, you will get trouble finding the perfect one for you. We have spent some time and done all the hard work to find out some good celery juicers for you.


1. Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

If you are looking for the best juicer for celery juice medical medium, you can consider the Omega MM900HDS Slow juicer. It is specially optimized for celery and provides maximum juice yield to ensure the best masticating juicing quality.

With its 2 HP motor and 80 RMP running speed, it slowly squeezes celery for a longer time and ensures less waste. As a result, you get maximum nutrients out of it and save a lot of energy bill every time. Besides, it features an adjustable end cap and dual-stage slow extraction to bring out the last drop of juice.

An additional cap is there to juice other items, including vegetables and fruits. Its large feed chute saves your time to prepare the celery before juicing. For more convenience, you have an extra-large feed tray along with a built-in handle. Overall, it is a perfect celery juicer for home and business as it supports both 110 and 120 Volt.

Omega MM900HDS Features:

  • The machine comes with 80 RPMs low speed for less oxidation and heat to preserve nutrition value.
  • You have the dual-stage masticating extraction that ensures maximum juice extraction.
  • The feeding chute is large enough to ensure inputting large celery without cutting.
  • 3 stage pressure setting lets you control the pressure and get smooth celery juice every time.
  • The powerful 2 HP motor generates less sound so that you do not disturb others as well.

2. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

The Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer can be the best fruit and vegetable juicer with its upgraded spiral system. With its 7 segment spiral system, it extracts the last drop of juices out of vegetables and fruits along with celery. Its juice and pulp separation feature provides pulpless juice every time.

The powerful motor works at 80 RPM to produce less heat and friction. As a result, you get 90% More vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Also, it reduces oxidation and foam to ensure smooth juice. You will get a quite juice making experience as the machine generates less than 60 decibels sounds.

With its two directions switch, you can easily avoid clogging and clean the machine easily. You can easily disassemble its dishwater safe body parts for even easier cleaning and clean it with the brush. All the materials are safe food-grade Tritan material and heavy-duty for durability.

Aicok Slow Features:

  • The machine has a 7 segment system to ensure maximum juice yield with less oxidation and foam.
  • Its motor runs slowly at 80 RPM to retain all the nutrients the vegetables and fruits have.
  • You have the reverse function to remove stuck vegetables and fruits in the machine.
  • The machine makes 60 dB sound to provide a quiet environment during juice making.
  • Its dishwater safe, durable body parts and easy assembling feature make the cleaning easier.

3. Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor

Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor

If you are after the best affordable juicer for celery, you should consider this juicer from Aobosi. It can extract different types of fruits and vegetables, especially celery, in a few minutes. Yet it preserves the color, taste, and vitamins so you can drink a cup of fresh foamless celery juice within a few seconds.

The machine squeezes the celery and slowly separates the juice and pulp at 80 RPM working speed. That means less heat and oxidation to deliver you the original flavor all the time. It features a powerful 150W motor yet makes less than 60 decibels noise to ensure a quiet and safe environment.

The safety lock design makes assembling and disassembling easier. You can easily assemble and disassemble the machine in minutes and clean the dishwater safe materials with its bonus cleaning brush. All the food-grade materials are BPA-free for safer and healthier celery juice to be the best cold press juicer for celery.

Aobosi Slow Masticating Features:

  • The juicer machine can make juice out of different kinds of veggies, fruits, and greens effectively.
  • It runs at 80 RPM slow speed to extract maximum juice from celery and other vegetables.
  • The produced sound of the motor is 60 dB for a silent juicing experience every morning.
  • It features a safety lock design to detach and attach the machine in one click for easy cleaning.
  • A reverse function is there to avoid vegetables and fruits sticking during juice making.

4. Sagnart Portable Slow Juicers Machine

Sagnart Portable Slow Juicers Machine

The Sagnart Portable Slow Juicers Machine will be the best cold press juicer for celery with its powerful slow motor. It generates only 45 RPM speed to extract every drop of juice from the celery slowly. This slow speed maintains the maximum nutrition value of fruits and Vegetables by producing fewer calories and less Oxidation.

You can work silently in the morning without disturbing others since it makes only 60 dB noise during juicing. Cleaning is not a problem here with its simple assembling and disassembling design. It features a cleaning brush that makes your cleaning process even easier.

The machine is made of BPA-Free high-quality, durable materials. That means it is corrosion-resistance for maximum durability and prevents bacteria for ensuring safety.  You have a compact design that fits perfectly in any kitchen space. Also, it is portable with its Handle that makes it easy to carry and move.

Sagnart Portable Features:

  • The machine has a slow juicing design to run at 45 RPM for maximum juice yield and nutrition preservation.
  • The noise level is 60 dB that offers a sound juicing environment everyday morning.
  • A cleaning brush with an easy disassembling design makes the cleaning super easier.
  • It features a compact design that fits perfectly in the kitchen or anywhere in the room.
  • A built-in handle is there to move and carry the machine anywhere you want.

5. Bonsenkitchen Cold Press Juicer

Bonsenkitchen Cold Press Juicer

Up next is the Bonsenkitchen Cold Press Juicer. It has all the capacity to be the best juicer for celery with its 7 upgraded segment spiral that can extract up to 90% juice from the celery and other veggies. Besides, it runs at only 80 RPM that reduces heat buildup, and reduces oxidation and foaming for a better juicing experience.

The juicer has a juice and pulp separation function and high density 304 filters for a smoother juice. Its 60 decibels noise level lets others enjoy their sleep in the morning. You have hard and soft modes that allow you to juice both the soft and hard veggies and fruits. With its reverse function, you can easily remove the stuck veggies or fruits inside it.

All parts of this electric fruit and vegetable juicer are BPA free and dishwater safe.  Also, you have a one-click assemble design that makes it easy to open the machine after use. A cleaning brush is also there that makes the whole cleaning process simple and easier than you think.

Bonsenkitchen Features:

  • The juicer machine features 7 upgraded segment spiral for maximum juice yield.
  • It runs at 80 RPM to prevent heat and oxidation build-up from preserving all the nutrients.
  • You have a 2-speed control that lets you extract various types of vegetables and fruits.
  • Its 60 dB noise level makes the juicing process literally silent to enjoy a quiet environment.
  • You can clean the machine after juicing with its one-touch assembly design.

What To Consider Before Buying A Cold Press Juicer For Celery

Not everyone has the same knowledge on the cold pressure juicer. Especially the newbies that make them prone to do mistakes. Read these tips to find the best cold press juicer for celery if you do not want to make that mistake.

Nutrition retention:

The main purpose of drinking celery juice is to get nutrition value from it. That is where the cold press juicer performs better than others. When looking for the best slow juicer, make sure it offers maximum nutrition retention. For that, you can check out the oxidation level the juicer generates while processing. Also, heat is another important factor that determines the nutrition yield. The more heat it generates, the less nutrition value it offers.

BPA presents:

BPA is a highly dangerous substance that is found in plastic materials. This dangerous substance causes some serious diseases, including cancer. You need to check whether the juicer has BPA in its materials or not. A good juicer will always come with safe materials that you can rely on and use without any safety tension.

Ease to clean:

You surely don’t have too much time cleaning the juicer machine after juicing. Also, it is not convenient to use a machine that is tough to assemble and disassemble. That is why choose one that offers easy to assemble and clean. It will save you a myriad of time and also encourage you to make juice every day to stay fit.

Chute size:

Chute size is also important. A small chute size reduces your ability to put some celeries on the juicer at once. You have to cut those into small pieces to put on. On the other hand, a large chute lets you put the celeries on the machine directly without any hassle. Please make sure the chute size is good enough to make your juice making it more convenient.


If you regularly drink celery juice, you will surely not like to repress a large space with the juicer. Also, it is not that convenient for anyone to carry or move a large juicer as well. A small, compact, and lightweight juicer will help you keep and move it anywhere you want. As a result, it will be more convenient for you to make juice quickly in the kitchen, table, or other places.

Why Should You Buy A Cold Press Juicer For Celery

Now you are going to invest in a cold pressure juicer. However, without knowing the benefits, will it be a better decision to invest in a juicer for celery? Well, here are the main reasons for buying a cold press machine for celery.

  • The cold press juicer ensures maximum nutrition retention that provides you a healthier juice experience every time.
  • You can make juice within a few minutes that encourages you to make and drink juice every day.
  • Since this juicer does not produce that much heat, you will have a better flavor to drink.
  • You can even mix other things to add more nutrition or flavor you want for a fresh and tasty drink.
  • It removes fiber from the juice so that you can get smoother juice every time you make juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, have some questions come to your mind after reading this review? Well, then you can check out the answers below.

Is it better to juice or blend celery?

Blended celery juice is good for health for sure. However, when blending, the fiber does not get removed where juicing ensures fiber removal for smooth juice and more healing benefits.

How many days should I drink celery juice?

To get the best result, you should drink fresh celery juice right after juicing every day at an empty stomach. It will improve your digestion and ensure overall good health with a fresh mind.

Can celery juice cause kidney stones?

Celery juices are known for toxic removal that helps stone formation on the kidney. That means it does not cause kidney stones, instead, it helps prevent kidney stone formation.

Can celery juice help you lose weight?

It does not lose weight directly. However, it consists of low calorie that ensures low-calorie intake and also, ensures better digestion that indirectly helps you lose weight.

Final Thought

Celery juice is great for health with lots of health benefits. When you have the juicer, you can easily make juice within a short time and take it to stay fit. That is why it is worthy of your time and effort to find the right juicer for celery juicing. A good juicer ensures maximum nutrition, less heat, easy cleaning, and maximum convenience to users. We have reviewed some good cold press slow juicers with their features and benefits.

However, if you ask me what is the best cold press juicer for celery, then I will go for the Sagnart Portable Slow Juicers Machine. It comes with only 45 RPM squeezing speed to ensure less oxidation and heat to retain maximum nutrition value. Also, it enables easy cleaning with reverse function and cleaning brush. You can even enjoy the sound free juicing experience with this juicer.


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